Born in León, Guanajuato Mexico and raised in Los Angeles I was the kid with a camera always in hand; a guitar swung around my neck or cooking alongside my mother in the kitchen.

As I matured and honed my skills through education and practice, it became evident that a career in the arts was what I wanted to pursue which first lead me to follow my love for music; I wanted to be a ROCK STAR! After a stint in the music biz and finally landing a record deal in my twenties, I decided to walk away from a career in music to focus on my passion for art, photography, and design.

In my many years of working in entertainment marketing and promotion, I've had the pleasure of working alongside many talented and creative colleagues and clients from all walks of life that have influenced my career in many positive ways. Regularly taking myself out of my comfort zone and not taking myself to seriously (life is too short) has allowed me to fulfill many career goals such as launching a full-service creative agency, United Front Design in 2008. During my nine-year tenure with UFD, I held the post of Executive Creative Director where I lead and worked in close collaboration with my creative teams and clients, resulting in award-winning work that successfully delivered on brand and drove growth for many networks, cable and studio clients.

My methodology for successful leadership Is simple. Lead by example, give credit where credit is due, embrace the decisions you make and take responsibility for your mistakes. By always supporting my teams with clear communication, I have delivered a myriad of projects, on time, under budget, always with an attention to detail.

I'm a big believer in personal reinvention which is why I decided to take my passion for the culinary arts to the next level by attending and recently graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education Los Angeles. I'm excited about combining my breadth of experience in media with the culinary world and technology to create new and unique experiences for the consumer in the next chapter in my career.

When I am not working, you can find me traveling with my wife or in the kitchen cooking up a spicy meal for family & friends, playing music, or enjoying the outdoors. I look forward to connecting and helping you to succeed in your next project!