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I always enjoy working on projects that not only allow me to use my creative talents but also to be part of something bigger. Watoto is a family made up of people from all over the world who are working together to ensure that the forgotten have a place to belong. In a time of civil war, Watoto planted a local church in Kampala, Uganda to speak hope and life to the nation. Since then, they've placed thousands of orphans in families, empowered vulnerable women to reach their communities rescued babies and former child soldiers and send a children’s choirs across six continents. Last year, seven different choirs toured 13 different countries. That means thousands of people got to meet some of our future leaders. People saw their smiles and were embraced by their hugs. The children had the distinct privilege of telling people, “It’s possible to have joy, to laugh and to have hope, no matter what you’re going through. The children's choir serves many purposes. It raises awareness about the work of Watoto around the world. It’s also leadership training for the children, providing a strong sense of responsibility while experiencing different cultures. All of the proceeds from the sale of the CD go back into the community to provide education, sports, health care, agricultural and sustainability education. It also helps to fund Baby Watoto which rescues abandoned babies aged 0-2 years old and provides them with a family where they are loved and nurtured by a nanny who quickly becomes a mother to them.