geo-targeted political social content

There are things you never want talk about on a first date. Politics, religion and your ex. If this is our first date, well,  I guess two out of three ain't bad.

Asked by Occupy Democrats to produce multicultural content for a Florida State Senate special election and the Virginia State Governors race, I worked alongside Occupy Democrats, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and the Latino Victory Fund to produce the geo-targeted content. The message went viral, the votes where cast and the Democratic Candidates in both races came out victorious!

The timeline to produce the content was aggressive. I had about 48 hours to produce the social media content for each package in both English and Spanish languages with ZERO assets to work with. From ideation to delivery, I handled all aspect of the project as a one-man band to deliver content that helped make a difference in the two political races for the Miami-Dade Democratic party and the Latino Victory Fund.

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